Bitcoin mixer – the best way to achieve crypto anonymity

Today, cybercriminals quickly determine the balance of any crypto wallet. You don’t even need to be a genius to do this. Subsequently, computers are hacked, and people are left without their savings. To prevent such a nuisance, people use Bitcoin blenders.

The functionality of the service

Bitcoin mixing service is unique. This service, for a very modest fee of 0.5%, provides maximum anonymity of coins. The basic principles of this resource are laid down in its name. It is like a powerful mixer that instantly mixes hundreds of transactions on its territory. As a result, the coins of one user migrate many times to different accounts. Operations are fixed in block networks, overlapping one another. In this confusion, it is impossible to find the original data. Representatives of such experienced structures as Chaina analysis will not figure it out here.

YoMix and its benefits

The YoMix mixer has the following advantages:

  • Full automation of the mixing process eliminates the human factor and errors that are made due to inattention, lack of qualifications, experience, etc.
  • It is possible to delay the mixing of coins.
  • The number of withdrawal addresses is up to 5. The distribution of funds between them is random.
  • Each user has a unique mixing code, so receiving your cryptocurrency afterward is impossible.
  • The flexible commission ranges from 0.5 to 5% per transaction.
  • To start the mixing process, you only need to confirm one transaction.
  • The transaction data will be deleted from the transaction history log 24 hours after completion.

So, if you decide to take another step towards anonymity in the world of cryptocurrencies, then when choosing a Bitcoin mixer, you should pay attention to the services offered, the established commission fees, security, technical support, and the reputation of the service.

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